About Me


Celine is a 23-year-old South African singer, songwriter, musician, and actress. Her musical genre is a unique blend of pop/rock with some elements of adult contemporary and blues.  She either performs on her own acoustically or with a full backing band.

She likes to create unique sounding songs that are meaningful, catchy, interesting to listen to and that incorporate elements from different genres.  She is influenced by artists such as Jessie J, Joan Jett, Alanis Morisette, Pink, Ellie Goulding, Tegan and Sara, Janis Joplin, and Lady Gaga.

Celine is passionate about her music and she has been performing since she was 11 years old, leading her to study a Performing Arts course after high school (completed in 2017) and since then focus on pursuing a full-time music career. Her goal is to become a successful international recording artist.

She has completed Grade 8 Rockschool qualifications in Electric guitar, Drum Kit as well as Bass guitar. In 2015 she achieved the highest National results for her Rockschool (London) examinations in Guitar Grade 6 as well as Bass Grade 6. This is in addition to her highest national result that she obtained for Drum kit Grade 6 in 2013.

Celine has been playing gigs in and around Cape Town at venues such as Cafe Roux, Die Boer, The Alma Cafe, Quay 4, Mojo Market, Hillcrest Quarry and the Barleycorn Club amongst others. She has performed at various festivals including the Cape Town Coffee Festival, Delheim Harvest Festival and Oysters, Bubbles and Blanc at Hillcrest Quarry.

Her songs have been playlisted on 14 radio stations throughout South Africa including KFM, Bay Radio,  Clicks Radio Retail, Mr Price (Redcap) Radio, ZaPop (Spar), Mix 93.8FM, and Bok Radio, among others.  Her lead single on her album called “I Don’t Miss You” was playlisted on KFM in April. She has also appeared twice on SABC 3’s Expresso Morning show, performing with her full backing band.

She entered one of her original songs, “Heart for Hire”, in the Barnyard Talent Search competition in 2015 and won the category.  Her prize was a publishing contract with Traxtudio International.  She has also been invited to be an endorsee of the music retail group, Mars Music.

Celine entered the Huawei K Day Dream It Possible competition in February 2018.  She had to learn the Huawei Mobile brand song, “Dream It Possible” and submit a 60 second video clip of her version on Facebook.  She felt very honoured to be selected as one of the Top 10 finalists by the judging panel.  The winner would be selected to be the opening act of K Day. Even though she didn’t win, it was a huge honour to be selected as one of the Top 10.

In April 2018, she launched her début album called “Blue”.  It is available for streaming and downloading on all major digital platforms.

Celine believes that to be successful in the music industry today, it is necessary to have a unique sound to her music. She believes she has this with her fusion style of her original works as well as her unique tone of her voice.  Along with this, she feels that dedication, perseverance and hard work are essential to have a successful career.