Celine releases inspired new electro-acoustic single, Hide Away

“Hide Away is a well-produced, radio-ready offering that unveils Celine’s talent for producing music that a larger audience can relate to.” – Dirty Pink City

Celine is a pioneering South African singer, songwriter, musician, and actress who has been writing and performing her own music in some shape or form since a young age. Born to be on the stage, this trailblazing musician takes pride in creating accessible, yet intricately crafted musical landscapes in which her listeners can find acceptance and inspiration in equal measure.

Her latest single, Hide Away, is an intimate, soulful electro-acoustic ballad that features delicately balanced textural layering reminiscent of the evergreen soul and R&B hits of yesteryear, tied together with the fine golden thread of ethereal modern pop.

Celine reveals that she wrote Hide Away about her experiences with anxiety and overthinking. “Overthinking is something I have struggled with for a long time and the song expresses the longing to be heard and understood – to find moments of solace and a safe space, escaping from anxious thinking and ‘catastrophic’ thoughts,” the straight-shooting musician explains.

“I feel like I am not myself when I am anxious, and I think many people (including myself) who struggle with anxiety tend to bottle up these feelings, as it is often difficult to open up due to stigmas surrounding mental health and the fear of being misunderstood. I believe it is so important to talk about the things that trouble you with someone you trust, whether that be a family member, a close friend or a therapist.”

According to Celine, the inspiration for Hide Away was her personal realisation that we cannot run away from our problems, but we can fight our inner demons by adopting healthy coping mechanisms and cultivating self-love.

“Funnily enough, Hide Away was a track that I initially did not believe in, perhaps because I felt that it was too personal. With time, however, it’s really grown on me and I have gained a deeper understanding of where this song came from subconsciously when I wrote it, what it means to me, and what it could mean to my listeners.”

“It has turned out to be an unexpected hit at shows, and I remember thinking that this song might be more than what I initially thought it could be. It was quite a process getting to the right sound for the track during production; but when I heard the final cut, I knew that this is one of my best and this is the song that I need to put out there at this point in my personal and musical journey,” says Celine.

Listen to Hide Away HERE

Celine - Hide Away artwork